Thursday, March 16, 2017

Waterton Lakes National Park

Last July, we went on a camping trip to Glacier National Park!  We had such a wonderful time!  We got to our campground (an AWESOME campground just a bit outside of the park called Glacier Campground) late on Saturday, July 23rd and set up our campsite and went to bed.  Jed was very excited about the tent and had fun jumping around all over!  On Sunday, July 24th, we had a nice, relaxing day and enjoyed spectacular scenery driving through Glacier National Park on the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road and then continued on to Waterton Lakes National Park!  We stopped by the Cardston Alberta Temple and spent some time at the visitor center and strolled around the temple grounds.

We went to take a look at the Prince of Wales Hotel and it was very pretty!  The views of the lake were gorgeous!!  It was quite refreshingly windy at the overlook area.

We got hungry and ate a delicious dinner at the hotel.  We also got Jed a cute stuffed animal husky dog as a souvenir to keep him entertained while we were at the restaurant.  He enjoyed playing with it that day and then decided that he didn't like it at all for the rest of the week!  He liked it again once we were home and now he calls it his wolf!  A little while after dinner, Jed had a blast running around and exploring at a fun little playground in the town until it started to get dark and the mosquitoes came out.  So we headed back to our campground and went to bed!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jed the Ornithologist

Jed is always looking out the window to observe birds!  He gets so excited when he sees them!  He also loves to have us read picture books to him that are about birds.  We often have some starlings, a dove, and a magpie in our front yard.  A few weeks ago, Taylor got some suet to encourage birds to be in Jed's view.  The birds finished the entire thing just a few days ago!  I guess we need to get some more food for them.  Jed knows some ASL signs and "bird" is one of the signs he uses the most.  Other signs he knows are:  milk, food/eat, drink, water, more, all done, bath, cookie, candy, cat, dog, fish, hat, diaper, and book.  It's so nice that he can tell us what he wants!  It's also adorable to see him sign things!
Anyway, since Jed loves birds so much, we decided to go to Tracy Aviary yesterday!  He had a blast! He was constantly signing "bird" and enjoyed being able to see such a large variety of birds!  He also loved listening to the different sounds different birds would make.  We might have an aviary birthday party in  December for Jed's 2nd birthday if he still loves birds as as much as he does now.  I'm also thinking that Jed needs some pet birds!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Glimpsing the Grand Canyon

In the middle of August, Taylor and I decided to go visit my parents in St. George for a weekend.  On Saturday, the 18th, we went to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park with my mom and the Kanenwishers!  It was so awesome!  I had never seen the Grand Canyon before.  I loved that place!  It is incredibly beautiful!  We went on a really fun hike.  There were gorgeous views everywhere!  I really liked how much foliage there was and the fact that the weather was not too hot at all!  At a gift shop, I got an awesome aspen leaf necklace!  Since the necklaces were made of actual preserved leaves, each one was so unique and beautiful.  It was difficult to choose which one I wanted!  The one I finally did choose is so pretty!!  Every time I wear that necklace, I get lots of compliments on it.

After our visit to the Grand Canyon, we stopped at Grafton, Utah, which is a ghost town.  In the old cemetery there, Taylor was able to locate the grave of one of his ancestors who had lived in that area!

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park


Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Grafton Utah Cemetery
Grafton Utah

We had such a fun weekend with my Mom, Cheryl, and Boyd in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona!!!  I can’t wait to go to the Grand Canyon again someday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Following Her Pattern

Back in February my dear Grandma B. passed away.


My aunt and uncle were out of town, so they had asked us to come down to stay with my Grandparents and cousins for the weekend, just to “be a referee.” So, on Friday evening after work Brooke and I took off and started driving straight down to Orem, where they live. I got a couple of texts along the way, but didn’t pay any mind to them. However, once we got off the freeway and to a red light, I got a call from my mom, who was crying on the other end and told me that my Grandma had died a short while earlier.

I was totally shocked. It had come so suddenly! I had just talked to her the evening before! She had called the night before to ask what we would like for dinner when we arrived. I remember clearly her saying “Now, I heard that Brookie doesn’t like meat, so I want to make something special for her. How about soup and bread-bowls?”

When we arrived nobody was home, the cousins having gone over to a neighbors house to see some puppies to take their minds off things. We let ourselves in, and walked downstairs. And then it hit me. On the couch downstairs stuffed into a canvas bag was the afghan that she had been working on just earlier that day. When I saw that all I could do was hug Brooke and cry.

Now this afghan was kind of special. The colors were inspired by the afghan that I had made for my sister, and my Grandma had promised me last time that I had come down that she would show me how to make the pattern for this kind of afghan, and in return I had promised to show her how I made a pillow for Taci.


Later that night, after the Bishop had come over and had a good talk with all of us, and after had had a few more sad moments seeing where she had set set out bread to rise for our dinner earlier that morning, we were sitting downstairs and talking. I asked my Grandpa if I could finish the afghan that Grandma was working on and he said that he would like that. But I had no idea how to start! So, I looked up the pattern online, and made a sample baby blanket for Alexis (who we had just learned a few weeks before was pregnant).

Once I got underway in earnest, I had another special moment. I had noticed earlier that there were a few miscellaneous items in the bottom of the bag, but I had never really paid attention to them. Now that I pulled them out, I had another sweet moment knowing that my Grandma had been thinking of me. On an envelope for a magazine subscription renewal that she thought I might be interested in she had written “Taylor?” For me it was a tender mercy, a sweet little message from beyond the grave that my Grandma was thinking of me.IMG_7834


I kept working on the afghan on and off. Sometimes I was too busy, sometimes I was bogged down trying to find the same color (or a close match) to the yarn that she had been using, and sometimes it was just to hard to pull it out because I missed her too much. Gradually I got working on it regularly though, and I set a goal to have it finished by October General Conference. I finished it just the other week, right on time.


I learned several things from this experience. I learned that I have an absurdly tight crochet stich compared to my Grandma (I had to switch up to a larger hook just so that I could make it match- although the middle is a bit differently shaped than the rest). I learned that small mistakes can be hidden in a larger pattern. Above all I learned that a part of mortality is that we are going to leave things unfinished in this life – that’s just part of mortality. However, we can leave behind a pattern and the tools necessary for those who come after us to finish what we have started. I’m grateful that my Grandma left me such a great pattern to follow for my life, and that she left me a legacy of testimony that I can use to work on my own life.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Lincoln City to Newport

After we spent the night in Lincoln City, we spent some time on the beach again in the morning.  We found a cute little hermit crab and watched him crawl around for a little while and looked at lots of sea lions and driftwood.  Then we went to look at Devil’s Lake, which was really pretty!  After that, we went down to Boiler Bay.  We enjoyed looking at the nice views from there.  Then we went to Depoe Bay.  We decided to stop to go look at some beautiful views and see the “World’s Smallest Harbor” there.  On our way from the car to a viewpoint area, we walked by a shop called Channel Bookstore and Taylor saw some cats in the windows!  So we went inside to see the cats and then spent a long time looking around at the store!  It was so full of awesome books!!  And there were lots of cute little cats all over the place!  I found the coolest book ever there!  So I bought it.  It’s an 1875 edition of a book of poetry called “Yesterday, To-day, and Forever” by Edward Henry Bickersteth (it was first published in 1867).  I love it!  After that, we went down to Cape Foulweather and Yaquina Head.  We toured Yaquina Head Lighthouse too.  It’s Oregon’s tallest lighthouse at 93 ft and is supposedly haunted.  We went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center and had fun looking around at all of their cool exhibits there and then went to Agate Beach.  We went and looked at the Japanese dock that floated over from there and washed up in June after their big tsunami last year.  It was really cloudy and windy in Newport that evening and there were lots of cool drifts of sand on the beach!

cute little hermit crab
Taylor at Devil's Lake in Lincoln City
Boiler Bay
Yesterday, To-Day, & Forever
World's Smallest Harbor in Depoe Bay
beautiful view from Depoe Bay
beautiful view
fresnel lens in Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Japanese dock on Agate Beach in Newport
Agate Beach
cool sand formations on Agate Beach
view of Yaquina Head

So we stayed in Newport that night.  Then the next day, we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, another lighthouse, hiked Mary’s Peak, went to Ona State Park, and ended up in Florence.  I’ll write about it later!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

And the Next Day on the Coast…

We stayed in Tillamook one night and then the next morning, we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory!  We got to see how they make their cheese and then we sampled a bunch of cheeses and ate lunch there.  I also ate a sampler of a bunch of flavors of ice cream.  Then, we went on to drive along the Three Capes Loop.  First, we hiked down some trail that I don’t remember the name of near Cape Meares and then we stopped at Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint and saw Three Arch Rocks and toured Cape Meares Lighthouse.  We also stopped at Netarts Bay.  After that, we went to Lincoln City and enjoyed the rest of the evening walking around on the beach there.

Oregon Coastgreen leavesOregon CoastOregon coast trailView from Cape MearesView of Three Arch Rocks from Cape MearesView from Cape MearesLincoln City OregonLincoln City OregonLincoln City OregonSunset in Lincoln City Oregon

And that was day 2 of 6!  It was nice, fun, and relaxing.