Friday, May 2, 2008

Neighborhood House!!!

On April 25th, I began a new job as a Teacher's Assistant for a class of 3 to 4 year olds at Neighborhood House! I have really enjoyed it so far! The Neighborhood House's mission is to provide quality daycare and supportive services to low-income children and adults based on their ability to pay.
"Together we have built a house that laughs with children,
smiles with adults and offers nurturing to all who enter..."
This is Selena, Agni, and Ingrid playing at the "Water Table"

Luis, Celeste, and Alexx! These three children can be troublemakers...

Isabel and Aliya playing at the "Sand Table"

Agni and "Grandpa Boris" drawing a picture together! Grandpa Boris is lots of fun. He's from Belarus!!!

Selena is just so cute and sweet and cuddly!!! She LOVES the color pink.




Tania, Selena (in "dress-up" clothes!), and Celeste!

Jesse! He loves to go around the room "fixing" things with toy tools!!

Jose! He's very friendly and kind!


  1. What cute kids!!! I love your pictures and your updated site!! Even the troublemakers are cute! I bet they all love you! Hope Taylor is home safe and sound by now. Love you and miss you bunches!!!!!

  2. Awesome Brooke!!!
    Those pictures are great! Hahaha!

  3. THANK you so much for watching the girls...they had SO much fun...Love you, Mel

  4.'s time to update your blog!