Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflections on the meaning of the season

We hear a lot about the “reason for the season” at this time of year. Many people on both sides of the religious and cultural divides of our nation see this time as the epitome of their cause. Conservatives bemoan the “commercialization of Christmas” while liberals complain about the exclusive nature of some of our traditions.
For me it goes beyond all of this. I have to admit that I enjoy the commercial aspect of Christmas as much as anybody. Shopping for other people is not nearly as annoying as shopping for myself. Presents are loads of fun, and I love being with my family. Brooke and I are starting to develop our own traditions which makes the Holiday season even more significant.

But the spiritual aspects of Christmas are sometimes slippery, to say the least. Sometimes it is very easy to forget what we’re doing. However after watching the “Christmas Carol” for the millionth time it finally hit me. Christmas is a now, not just a then! We should celebrate the birth of Christ into the world, but even more importantly we should focus on how we can bring him into our life. This was brought home to me as I was reading an article on the church’s website

Above all to me this Christmas is going to be a season of rededication. It is actually really interesting how the major celebrations of this time of year fit together. We have Thanksgiving that celebrates giving thanks, Christmas celebrating the birth of the Savior, Hanukkah (I have a friend with whom I swap Hanukkah Cards just for fun) commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem, and New Years which commemorates new beginnings.

So tomorrow let us all have a great day with our families. Let us have a Christmas dinner and say a Christmas prayer that we may all have the spirit for the coming year. And let us rededicate ourselves to serving the savior and doing all we can to help him fulfill the reason for which he came to this world.
Merry Christmas everybody

With Love,