Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hawai'i (A Bit late but better late than never!)

Brooke and I have been moving and doing all manner of other things for some time now. Unfortunately this has prevented us from posting some of our pictures and experiences from our visit to Hawai'i early last month!

The natural beauty of the Island of Hawai'i can only be said to be eclipsed by the warmth and friendliness of it's people. We had the wonderful opportunity to stay with some friends of my family, Dee and Ruth Snarr. They lived up the street from me when I was a teenager and I spent many Saturdays working for Dee as he remodeled his home.

They introduced us to members of their ward and we had a wonderful time at three different parties with the members of their ward!

We did all kinds of really neat stuff. Brooke's favorite thing was when we went snorkeling with Dolphins. We got up close enough that we could almost touch them! We also went whale watching and got up close to a mother humpback whale and her calf. We also had a close encounter with a Sea Turtle out on the boat. It was absolutely amazing to see these awesome sea creatures up close!

We also attended a luau at the ward and visited an ancient Hawaiian religious site called the Place of Refuge. These were probably some of my favorite things that we did.

The vacation was far too short for my tastes, but it was an amazing experience. I am very glad that we got to go and extremely glad that we were able to experience it together! This is only a brief overview, but Brooke says she wants me to leave her some stuff to talk about, so I'll finish here!

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