Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Years ago Today

Two years ago today I asked Brooke to marry me. This was probably the best decision I have ever made! After lots of prayer and fasting we had decided that the time was right and that we were going to make an eternal commitment to each other.

Today as I recollect on that Sunday morning when I proposed to Brooke I am filled with gratitude for every second I have spent with her. We had just attended a broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word and were walking around the beautiful gardens near temple square. I proposed in a beautiful and secluded spot near the Relief Society Building. I knelt down, and a gesture that goes back to Medieval Europe and symbolized in old times the swearing of fealty and loyalty took her hand and asked her if she would marry me. I was not really nervous, just anxious that everything be as perfect as she is. It was a romantic and sweet moment that I will always cherish.

Brooke makes my life so complete and turns every day into a blessing no matter what. I am so incredibly lucky to have her! So even though it has only been 731 days or 17,554 hours or 1,053,233 minutes since I proposed to her I look forward to having that many years, decades and centuries to grow little by little with her until someday I am truly deserving of my amazing eternal companion.


  1. And we love you for loving her so much! Sweet post.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to our sweet daughter! She is so blessed to have you for her eternal mate, and we are so blessed to have you in our family! Thank you for this loving post; it warms this mother's heart!!Love you!!!

  3. Congrats, you two! Brooke, it is so fun to see you all grown up and married!! AAHHH, you are still 6 arn't you??