Friday, June 26, 2009

Salt Lake City Sunset!

This was one of those weeks where I was just grateful to make it to Friday! As if as a reward for making it this far we had one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen here in the Salt Lake Valley tonight!

On my way home from work we started to have a really big thunder storm. I ducked into a grocery store to buy things for dinner. While I was in there it started to rain really hard! I finished shopping and drove home in a hurry. Right after I got back the rain let up and there was a fantastic rainbow and a very pretty sunset!

Things just kept getting better from there! The sunset was so beautiful! Brooke managed to snap some pictures on her phone at Temple Square while I rushed over to try and get some pictures before driving her home (the silhouettes are Sister Fan and Sister Pomeroy)!

I got these pictures of the Temple on my digital camera before the batteries died. Then I took some on my phone before trying the regular camera again and got this last picture of the Seagull Monument!

This was definitely one of those tender mercy moments for me! What a fantastic way to usher in the weekend!


  1. Those pictures are GORGEOUS Taylor! You guys have a pretty great view from where you live. You make me really miss SLC.

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures!! Being able to witness mother nature's handiwork in such a spectacular display really brings us joy, gratitude, and peace in our lives. Thanks for bringing these things to me and others who will view this post. Love you guys!!!