Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet Helen!!

We have an adorable new kitten!!! One of my coworkers had offered it to me earlier last month, but Taylor and I weren't sure if we wanted another cat. Also, we weren't sure if Hector would enjoy having another cat around! So I told my coworker that we'd consider taking the kitten if nobody else wanted it. Then on day he informed me that they were going to take the kitten to an animal shelter later that afternoon!!! So i texted Taylor about that and he thought it would be so sad if it had to go there!! Then I convinced Taylor that if Hector didn't like the kitten at all, the kitten could be an outdoor cat! So we went to get her that night after work and named her Helen (Hector and Helen are both characters from the Iliad, the Greek epic poem about the Trojan War). She is sooo cute and tiny and sweet and funny!!!! Hector's reaction to her was hilarious! He was confused and stared at her and meowed! Then whenever Helen would go towards him, he'd run away! It seemed like he was kind of scared of her! She even would purposely run towards him suddenly to make him get scared! It was so funny! Then she thought it would be fun to bat at his tail whenever it would move. So whenever she'd do that, he'd bat at her and she'd bat at him back.

They didn't get along too well for the first few days, but now they love each other!!! They like to chase each other around and play all the time!!

The pictures aren't very good quality because they're from my cell phone... but I'll take pictures with a better camera soon!!


  1. Takk for kommentaren på bloggen min ;)
    Kjempesøte katter, de er jo så utrolig nydelige når de er små! :)

  2. SV: Vi bor helt nord i Nord-Trøndelag, men akkurat nå er vi like utenfor Trondheim i campingvogna vår :) 31 grader hørtes kveldende varmt ut!! :p Her er det 15 grader :p

  3. They are so precious together! And now Hector will never be alone!

  4. They are so ADORABLE!! I love the darling pictures, they just melt my heart! I hope they continue to be happy toether. Hector and Helen couldn't live in a better home! Love you !!!

  5. Oh My Gosh...they are soooo cute you guys. How sweet it that!! Love the pictures...