Sunday, November 22, 2009

Helen vs. Winter

The other day when it was snowing a little bit, I walked into the living room to find Helen looking out the window. She had never seen falling snow before! She seemed quite confused and was watching as many snowflakes as she could as they drifted through the air!! It was so funny!!! She seemed to wonder where they were coming from.

Helen started to get a little worried, so she thought that maybe by not looking, the snow would stop!! [She was actually just washing her face!]

Then she decided that the snow wasn't so bad after all and just enjoyed observing the unusual phenomena.

Here's a little video I took of her watching the snow!

We started decorating our apartment with Christmas decorations!! Helen is very excited about Christmas! She really likes the Christmas lights and bows on the staircase railing!!!

Hector was really excited when we put up our artificial tree! Helen was a bit confused and tried to help us set it up while Hector played in the Christmas tree box! Hector decided he just wants a big cardboard box for Christmas. Helen is still trying to make up her mind about what she wants for Christmas!



  1. Wake up's Winter!!

  2. Ahhh... I love your kitties! Take them out in the snow to play!! It is so good to be here, and play with your pets, and see all your festive Christmas decorations. I love your apartment and love you!!