Wednesday, December 23, 2009

50 Things I’ve done for Christmas Break so Far

Here is just a small sampling of the things that I have done since school got out last week.

Driven to Idaho Falls

Eaten Blueberry Pie

Eaten Eggnog Ice cream

Eaten Pumpkin Pie Ice cream

Eaten Oatmeal Cookie Ice cream

Eaten Cookie dough Ice cream

Eaten my weight in Clementine Oranges

Lost at Super Smash Brothers to my wife

Made my own small Pizza and eaten it

Driven back from Idaho Falls in dense fog

Rediscovered my passion for oatmeal

Bought Raisins in bulk

Prayed for Snow

Wished that I hadn’t prayed for Snow

Slipped in the snow

Got lost in the Marriot Library

Read Twilight in less than 48 hours

Read the December issues of National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine [Thank you for the early Christmas presents Brooke]

Played Civilization IV

Finally beaten the last challenge on Peggle

Bought lots of presents

Decided that I really don’t like shopping our local Wal-Mart [it’s always VERY crowded]

Discovered how cool Whole Foods is

Went shopping at the mall without complaining

Saw Santa at the mall and was sorely tempted to get a picture with Brooke and Santa

Done Yoga with Brooke

Decided that I need to do more Yoga

Fought an unsuccessful battle with the cats to keep the ornaments on the tree

Listened to some of Brooke’s Russian Drive-time music podcasts (“Road Radio” something like FM100 for St. Petersburg)

Decided to write lyrics for “Slushy the Snowman” [Frosty’s Hillbilly cousin]

Panicked when I heard one of the cats fall with a box of cereal from about 10 feet off the floor.

Laughed at the expression on the cat’s face

Slept in much more than I should

Finished creating my first Board Game

Tested my First Board game

Ate at a Greek Restaurant

Bought more acrylic paint

Saw an awesome Christmas exhibit at the Museum of Idaho

Attended a performance of The Nutcracker by Mountain West Ballet

Discovered that my hair is now long enough that I can’t get away without using conditioner

Bought nice, quality Incense

Made the bed!

Wrapped a pipe cleaner around one of the cat’s paws and laughed as she chased it around.

Had our landlord fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom

Laughed at Brooke’s funny video (see the last post)

Wished that we would have written more Christmas cards so we would have gotten more

Listened to tremendous amount of Christmas music on the radio
Realized how much I like Oh Come all Ye Faithful, Do you Hear What I Hear & In the Bleak Midwinter.

Decided that 12 Days of Christmas and Little Drummer Boy can get on my nerves

Made a mini-snowman

As you can see, we’re having fun. I hope you have fun as well and that you have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!


  1. Ha ha! Merry Christmas you guys!

  2. What a great list! A couple of my favorites include Whole Foods and yoga; big surprise! You and Brooke are so much fun. Merry Christmas and happy new year! (not quite enough chocolate in your list for my taste,haha.)

  3. Interesting!!! Thats quite abit of things!!