Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crazy Weather!

Last night, it started raining quite a bit.  Then when I woke up this morning, it was still raining!!! It hadn't melted all the snow on the ground though. Later in the morning, the rain turned into snow and kept snowing for the rest of the morning and much of the afternoon!  So Taylor was getting ready for church and stuff and looked out the window. There was a lady on our steep driveway area walking carefully towards the sidewalk. Then she almost slipped!!! So she looked back up to where she came from as if she wished she could go back or something. Then she just stood there for a minute and looked around. Then decided to keep going and then started sliding down towards the sidewalk as if she was skiing!!! Then the poor lady lost her balance and landed sitting on the ground and slid the rest of the way down to the sidewalk like that!!!! I missed all of that, but Taylor told me about it. So I looked out the window and she was just standing there and looking around and looking at her hands as if they kind of hurt from falling down. She just stood there for a little bit then tried to go on. She almost slipped with every step she took!!! She only took a few little steps. She stopped and looked around again. The sidewalk she was on is VERY downhill ( for the direction she was going.. uphill if she was going in the opposite direction). So she was just standing there for a while and then I think she called someone on her cell phone or something. Then she tried to take some more steps. She slipped all over the place!! It was truly hilarious to watch!!! I felt kind of bad for her though. Haha. So she made a smart decision and headed for the snow covered grass just to the left of the sidewalk to walk in the snow instead of the ice covered cement! She slipped in the slippery snow too and it was hilarious. But then she got too far away so we couldn't see her anymore. So by being able to observe that lady's funny situation, we were able to be warned that the sidewalk and everything was extremely slippery!!! Taylor had to go to church early (he's the ward membership clerk) so he was going to walk on he slippery ice to church!! (He didn't want to attempt driving on it!!) We probably wouldn't have been able to get the car out of the steep (going uphill-ish) driveway anyway! I was worried Taylor would slip all the way to church like that lady so he wore his hiking boots. I watched him out the window until I couldn't see him (which isn't very far because there are a bunch of bushes that get in the way really fast) and he barely slipped a little bit on the way to the sidewalk then he just walked in the snow next to it. I got ready for church and stuff and Taylor was thinking he'd walk back and then drive us back to church at 11:20. ("No way am I walking in that ice with my church clothes/shoes on!!") Later, it started snowing quite a bit. I would look out the window often to observe people driving/walking on the ice. People driving down the hill would have their brake lights on and their wheels weren't turning at all but they were sliding down the hill anyway!!!& Scary!! And people trying to drive up the hill would have lots of difficulty as well and several people changed their minds and turned around and went back down the hill!!! So I texted Taylor about my observations and told him that he didn't dare drive! So I stayed home from church today!! Haha. (Except for tithing settlement, which I just took a skirt with me and we walked there and I changed into my skirt and then changed back into my pants afterward.)

Here is some actual footage of some people on the road!!!


Snowy weather doesn't bother Helen anymore!  In fact, it even bores her and makes her yawn a lot!!


  1. Nice yawing pictures. And I would have stayed home from church too:)

  2. Wow, I love those videos! I thought the cars were going to hit each other. Those guys were too funny with the trailer. Glad you stayed home safe and sound and did a little snoozing with your yawning Helen. Love you!