Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Photographs

Here are some of the pictures that I have taken over the last couple years. I’ve decided to put up some of the most artistic ones for all of you to see! I would love it if you would let me know which ones you like the most! Just leave a comment and tell me which numbers you like! [P.S. Please forgive the black and white: I always seem to like the pictures better when I take them in b&w- maybe it’s the lighting].
1. Train Ride: I took this picture when we were riding the Train to see Brooke’s parents for Thanksgiving in 2008.

2. Observation: This otter from the Idaho Falls zoo was just as interested in us as we were in it.

3. Fountain: This is a black and white picture of a water fountain in a park.

4. Ducks on Water: From the 4th of July in Idaho Falls. They escaped to crowds by going out onto the river.

5. Light and Dark: From Lava Beds National Monument.

6. Coastal Sunset: A lonely pine on the Oregon Coast

7. Fire: This picture was taken in my closet of a small statue.

8. Toy Soldiers: I don’t know how I got my camera to focus on the commander in the back, but the way this image turned out still amazes me.

9. Water: The way that the light shines off of this glass almost makes you forget that this picture is in color!

10. Telescope: This is of a neighborhood tree through the lenses of my old telescope.

11. Monument: These are my Mission Scriptures.

12. Leading the way: This is a picture of Sharon as she was walking down a dirt path ahead of Brooke and me. You would never guess, but we were right in the middle of Klamath Falls when I took this picture.

13. Overlook: Some pines around the rim of Crater Lake

14. Natures Window: This is from an area just to the south of Crater Lake

15. Skyward: I got some strange looks from Brooke as I lay on my back to take this picture, but it turned out pretty good! 

16. Old West: From the train museum in Sacramento 

17. Sacramento Sunrise: This is a picture of the State Capitol in Sacramento as the sun was rising.

18. Prophets and Temples: This is a statue of Joseph Smith with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.

19. Fog: This sad little pine tree was growing up in the shadow of its older sibling, but it looked really cool in the mist coming up from the ocean on the Oregon coast.

20. Cornerstone: This is a nighttime picture of the old Zion’s Bank building in Downtown Salt Lake City.

21. Serenity: the small pond at Coos Bay State Park. This is probably my favorite spot in the park.

22. High Tide: Shore Acres, Oregon

23. Fire in the Sky: A spectacular sunset from outside of our apartment.

24. Two Paths: This is on the way up to Timpanogos Cave. I would like to think that the picture symbolizes the two paths that are always in front of us: up or down.

25. Classical: This is the side of the Old Zion’s Bank Building at night.


  1. So difficult to pick! I particularly enjoyed 2, 8, 22, and 24. If you like nature photography we'll all have to venture out to Antelope island. Some of the best photographs I've ever taken were of that place.

  2. Oh Taylor, these are all so good. You have such great artistic insight. I enjoyed this post so much, and don't think I could pick a favorite. You really should print and frame some of these. They would make wonderful gifts; hint, hint!

  3. PS: #5,6,8,12,18, 21-25 are my very favorite!!!

  4. I loved these! You are such a good photograper! I never realized before. These are really cool.

  5. 4, 6, and 8-- there were more but my pregnant brain can hold only a teaspoon of information at the moment!

  6. 8, Toy Soldiers is awesome, but all are very good. I didn't know you had the photographer's eye.