Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Time!

Taylor took a cute picture of our baby tree with a little ornament on it!  We got the tree from Big Cottonwood Canyon in October.  It’s the cutest little tree ever!!  I love it!


I was going to wrap up some presents today but I can’t seem to find the wrapping paper from last year!  Maybe we used it all up and I forgot?  Anyway, I had saved some brown paper from something so I decided to use it as wrapping paper!  As I was wrapping presents, I would put the finished ones in an area and then they turned out to fit together to make a cute little square!!

We set up our artificial tree and started listening to Christmas music on the day after Thanksgiving!


Taylor thinks I should write about my favorite memories of Christmas on here.  So I’ll write about one Christmas that I got a cute little guinea pig!  Alexis got a guinea pig too.  After we had opened all of our presents, my parents sneaked up a box with them in there!  They had kept them in the basement, I guess.  My guinea pig was a long haired kind (the breed is called Peruvian) and she was SO cute.  She wasn’t named yet so I named her “Joy” since I got her on Christmas.  Alexis’ guinea pig was already named “Selena” so Alexis just kept her name as that. 

Joy looked a little bit like this one.  satin-peruvian-guinea-pig 

And this is kind of what Selena looked like.apricot


When I was 12, Alexis and I each got a horse!  I was so excited!  I had suspected that I was going to get a horse.  A few days before Christmas, in the morning (and for SOME reason it was EVERY morning until Christmas) when I would wake up, my mom would let me know that she had already taken care of our pets outside so we didn’t need to worry about going out in the cold to take care of them.  So… she was trying to hide the horses!!  So on Christmas morning, we opened up all of our presents and there weren’t any horse kinds of presents!  I got lots of other great presents though so I was still happy about that and my birthday would be just a couple of weeks away.  So after we finished opening presents, my parents suggested that we go take care of our pets… I knew right away why they would suggest such a thing!  So while Alexis went in to the barn to feed her bunnies, I ran straight out to look for a horse!!  And I found two of them!!!  I was SOOO excited!!  I called for Alexis and was like “Alexis!!!!  We got HORSES!!!”  I petted them and decided that I liked the dark brown one a lot because she was licking my hand.  So she was mine.  I named her Midnight.  Alexis’ was really cute grey and white and her name was Pepper.  My parents came out and thought it was funny that I went to look for horses right away.  After we petted the horses and stuff, we went back inside (probably to eat breakfast).  When we got inside, there was a saddle, bareback pads, leashes, bridles, other horse supplies, books, etc.!  Later, we rode our new horses while my mom and dad would lead the horses on leashes.  Then we rode them on our own using the bridles and it was so much fun!  I REALLY wanted a horse for Christmas that year and I was so excited that I got one!!!


Another Christmas, when I was probably 8 or so, Alexis and I got a very cool aquarium!!!  I don’t think we asked for one, but we were VERY excited about it!!  Dad helped us get it all set up that day and had it prepared for new fish.  We went to a pet shop (the same pet shop that Alexis and I got our first guinea pigs “Sara” and “Esther” when we were 7) and had lots of fun choosing lots of different kinds of fish.  We named them all and could even tell the difference between two that we got that looked very similar to each other.  We had fish in that aquarium until we moved away from that house!!  When we moved, we gave the remaining fish to some other people who had a giant aquarium at their house.


So I just noticed that the three Christmas memories that I wrote about all have to do with receiving new pets!!  Funny!

We have a cute Christmas candle holder.


I made this nativity set a long time ago!


I put vinyl letters and things on this decorative clear brick thing.  There’s also a blue ribbon around it and a bow on the top.



We purchased a cute snow globe when Christmas decorations were on clearance.  After we bought it, along with lots of other clearance things, we noticed that it wasn’t extremely discounted like all the other stuff.  But it’s still cute and we don’t mind!!  It even plays “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” too!!


My adorable tiny pinecone wanted its picture to be taken as well… So here it is!!  Isn’t it such a cute lil’ thing?!?  I found it in Big Cottonwood Canyon, of course!!  It lives on our bookshelf by a bowl of seashells, a bookend, and a globe now.


Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movemeber Madness!

I just read a blog article on the BBC of a guy who participated in Movember. For anybody who doesn't know November has become “Movember” in an effort to raise awareness (and in some cases money) for Prostate Cancer by growing out a mustache.

One in six American men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and more than 32,000 die from the disease each year. The really sad part is that it’s not something that people are willing to talk about very much. So, in order to get myself and those around me out of their shell, I decided to participate in “Movember

Here are some of the pictures:

Week 1: Just a little bit scruffy, and it itched a lot!



IMG_0211Week 2: Started to not be as itchy and scratchy.



Week 3: Found out that the beard is really good for cold weather




Week 3.5: Right before I shaved for Thanksgiving. The beard’s high tide




1862: Hopped into a time machine and found out what I would have looked like as a Civil War Officer




Thanksgiving: the ‘Stache from a photo on Brooke’s cell on the way to Thanksgiving dinner.




Week 4.5: The last day of the Mustache on December 1

It was different. I don’t think that people treated me too differently because I had a beard, although I got lots of jokes about Luigi when I had the ‘stache. Lots of people were even sad that I shaved it off!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowy Saturday Hike

On Saturday Brooke and I went on a hike with Alexis and her boyfriend Michael.  We drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon and hiked up to Doughnut Falls. The road up to the trailhead was closed, but it was pretty easy to hike up there.

The snow had just started to fall when we got up there, and the overcast sky made it look so pretty! The flash on the camera made the snowflakes show up on the pictures.


About two thirds of the way up the trail there was a stream with a bridge over it. It was pretty cool looking. Brooke took the picture above! Then we took some cute couples pictures on the bridge.


Right before we got up to the falls there was a short drop of about 6 feet that we had to take to get down. Michael jumped down, Brooke and Alexis slid down gracefully, and I somehow made it down without breaking my neck in the process (although I made everybody laugh while I was trying to not fall on my face!).

We took a break at the top of the falls and had a snack. And we took some pictures!


(And for those of you who are wondering, yes I do have a beard. I haven’t shaved since Halloween in honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. If you want, you can see more pictures and get more information).

Brooke helping Alexis with her mascara. Make sure you see Brooke’s smile at the end!

While we were at the top I got this hilarious video of Alexis and Brooke. Good thing that they didn’t notice I was taking this!

On the way back, the wind started to pick up and blow the snow around. Brooke took these pretty cool pictures.

It looked like something out of a movie!

Part way back we took some more pictures, and then we started a snowball fight. Now, I have been involved in a handful of snowball fights in my life, but this was probably the best one in a long time!


And here is a video of the beginning of the snowball fight!

Finally we made it back to the road. Before we finished, Michael dropped a snowball and it started rolling, which gave him the idea to make a snowman. So, we all worked together, and despite the snow not being very helpful, we made a pretty cool snowman.

What a happy snowman!

Brooke and Alexis with the snowman

It was a pretty fun hike! I am looking forward to a lot more winter hikes now that we have enough snow for snowshoeing season to begin!

Snowman waves goodbye