Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Haole Boys

vintage leis

On Tuesday the 15th, we went to a fun concert at Brigham Young Historical Park!!  The performers for that evening were The Haole Boys.  They sang old Hawaiian tunes from the “Tin Pan Alley” era.  It was lots of fun and their music was really good!!  There are concerts at the park there every Tuesday and Friday all summer!!  This Tuesday’s performance is called “Llajtayku” and I’m REALLY excited for it!!  It’s traditional music from the Andes of South America!!  I LOVE traditional Andean music!!!!


IMG_1117 IMG_1119

There were some really beautiful clouds as well!!


Oh, I also got some new shoes last month.  They are WAY awesome!  I love them!!  They’re the best.IMG_1126 IMG_1129 IMG_1131 IMG_1134


  1. What a fun thing to do! I love all your pictures, and the shoes look awesome. That is a neat picture of you and Taylor - just makes me miss you guys more! I hope I can go with you guys to one of those concerts at the park sometime. Have fun at the next one! Love you!!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing OK! I know I've been lame for not attending the study group. I'll be there Tuesday if you guys are still planning on meeting up. I am afraid however, that my Greek has become without a doubt absolutely abysmal. :)

  3. My Name is Eddy Ka'anoi- or just Eddy K-
    I wrote and Recorded a song
    Title: Haole Boy" in 1974--
    I'd be honored if you guys would rerecord it--or put in your song list--
    It was a hit and was played on KCCN, Honolulu-
    You guys seem like a perfect fit--
    anyway-- e-mail me at-
    and I'll e-mail you the song-
    I'm currently doing a Tribute Show
    to "Bobby Vinton"
    I'm at:
    Mahalo Eddy--
    By the way my Portuguese side, I'm of the Manual Nunes Family-
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