Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time for a Riddle!

After reading some Dan Brown and feeling nostalgic for “Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego” I have decided to put out a little riddle for all of you to try to solve.

Here is the riddle:

There is a giant delta,

On the first corner is the Third Rome, The Imperial City

On the second corner is the Third Carthage, The Heroic City

On the third corner is the Twenty-first Olympia, The City of Glass by the Sea

And in the center is Terra Nova, Erik’s land of Vines

First hint: Delta refers to a triangle (Δ). There are three cities on the corners of this triangle and a region in the center. The first person to name all four wins (the prize has yet to be determined). If nobody’s figured it out in a week, I’ll start adding more hints to see if that helps. However, with a little help from Google and Wikipedia I think you’ll all figure it out.

Good luck, gumshoes!


  1. While I am convinced I could figure this out with my mad online research skills, that feels too much like cheating. And homework.

    Funny though, I've been reading some Dan Brown myself.

  2. that was my favorite game growing up. I always felt so cool! And it was one of the few games that sported a pretty awesome heroine/villainess

  3. Wow. Great riddle. Dan Brown would be proud. I think I figured it out. I got the third and fourth cities on my own, but since I used some online help for the first two, I will wait to see if anyone else gets it on their own... if not I'll be back. And even though I cheated on the first two, I enjoyed learning some new things!

  4. Well, the next clue (as promised) is this: The Third Carthage is named after the Second Carthage, known in Latin as "Carthago Novo".