Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day!

imageI am so excited to be in Utah for Pioneer Day! I’m not sure what we are going to do, but hopefully we get pictures to share with everybody.

I’m not sure sure what the future will bring, but at least on the 24th of July, “this is the place” for me.imageI love the climate, and the history here in Utah. I love the family and the family history. And, while Salt Lake City is not very “Utah-ish” according to Brooke, I even like it here in the city (although I would like to try living in Rural Utah someday).

For all of you who are jealous, though, I like the advice that Eliza R. Snow gave in her poem “A Word to Saints Who are Gathering

Think not, when you gather to Zion,

Your troubles and trials are through--

That nothing but comfort and pleasure

Are waiting in Zion for you.

No, no; 'tis design'd as a furnace;

All substance, all textures to try --

To consume all the "wood, hay and stubble,"

And the gold from the dross purify.

Think not, when you gather to Zion

That all will be holy and pure --

That deception, and falsehood are banish'd;

And confidence wholly secure.

No, no; for the Lord our Redeemer

Has said that the tares with the wheat

Must grow; until the great day of burning

Shall render the harvest complete.

Think not, when you gather to Zion,

The Saints here have nothing to do

But attend to your personal welfare,

And always be comforting you.

No, the Saints who are faithful are doing

What their hands find to do, with their might;

To accomplish the gath'ring of Israel

They are toiling by day and by night.

Think not, when you gather to Zion,

The prize and the victory won --

Think not that the warfare is ended,

Or the work of salvation is done.

No, no; for the great Prince of Darkness

A tenfold exertion will make'

When he sees you approaching the fountain

Where the truth you may freely partake.

Happy Pioneer Day!

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  1. I miss being there for pioneer day. Eliza R. Snow is one of my favorite people and I appreciate her words very much. Thank you for reminding me of the home I love so much.