Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Nice Autumn Day

Today was a very fun day.

I woke up like at 7 and it was kind of cold so I put on some cozy knitted slippers that my mom made for me and my nice soft fuzzy warm robe.  Then I ate some yummy cereal with delicious almond milk and drank a mug of hot chocolate and listened to music.  After that, I took a nice warm shower and got ready to go to my classes.  Then Taylor and I went to campus and attended our classes.  When I was walking to meet Taylor after our classes were finished, I gathered lots of beautiful fallen leaves!  I love all the different colors and how unique each leaf is.  So Taylor and I went home together around 2:30pm.pretty leaves

When we got home, Hector and Helen were excited to see us so I said hi to them and petted them.  Then I was hungry so I ate some roasted red pepper & tomato soup and we watched the an episode of the cartoon “The Fairly Oddparents” on Netflix.  While we were watching that, Alexis came over because we have Family Home Evening with her at our apartment on Tuesdays.  She watched the rest of the episode with us then she gave a little FHE lesson and then Alexis and I ate some ice cream while Taylor drank some pumpkin spice eggnog.  After that, we played our super fun “interactive dvd game”  called Planet Earth.  Taylor won!  The cats were really funny while we played the game so we laughed at the cats a little bit too. Then Alexis went home and Taylor & I went shopping at Costco! 

Taylor just recently acquired a Costco card so we finally decided to try it out!  We had lots of fun looking at almost EVERYTHING there!  My legs are kind tired now from walking around there so much!  We got quite a few things and saw tons of awesome stuff.  The coolest things we purchased were SNOWSHOES!!!!!!  We’ve been wanting snowshoes for a long time and they are such a great deal at Costco!!  They even come with telescoping poles and a carry bag!  We’re SOOO excited to use them as soon as possible!!  snowshoesWe also got a couple of other exciting things like a huge bag of frozen blueberries to snack on and some hummus.

So when we got home, I decided that I’d write about the very fun day we had on our blog and that’s what I’m doing right now!

Oh, another awesome thing about today was the weather!!  This morning it snowed lightly a little bit, it rained, it hailed, it was windy, it was sunny, AND I just saw lightning out the window.  Very cool!

Well now I think I’m finished with writing about the day!


  1. Sounds like a fun shopping trip.

  2. It was a great day! Except for the part where you made me think I had to wake up an hour before I needed to!

    I'm glad that we had a day to hang out! Thank you for being so awesome!

  3. I love days like that!!! nice snow shoes!!

  4. Good think you bought those snow shoes!!

  5. One of my favorite memories staying at your house as a kid was waking up early to find your mom in the kitchen eating bread dipped in hot cocoa. Such a Pomeroy thing to do!

  6. What a wonderful day! I can't wait to snowshoe with you guys at Crater Lake again!! Love you!!

  7. Hey there! How did your new snowshoes treat you over the Winter???

  8. They were awesome! We used them about a dozen times, and they worked great. I can't wait until next winter to use them again!