Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movemeber Madness!

I just read a blog article on the BBC of a guy who participated in Movember. For anybody who doesn't know November has become “Movember” in an effort to raise awareness (and in some cases money) for Prostate Cancer by growing out a mustache.

One in six American men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and more than 32,000 die from the disease each year. The really sad part is that it’s not something that people are willing to talk about very much. So, in order to get myself and those around me out of their shell, I decided to participate in “Movember

Here are some of the pictures:

Week 1: Just a little bit scruffy, and it itched a lot!



IMG_0211Week 2: Started to not be as itchy and scratchy.



Week 3: Found out that the beard is really good for cold weather




Week 3.5: Right before I shaved for Thanksgiving. The beard’s high tide




1862: Hopped into a time machine and found out what I would have looked like as a Civil War Officer




Thanksgiving: the ‘Stache from a photo on Brooke’s cell on the way to Thanksgiving dinner.




Week 4.5: The last day of the Mustache on December 1

It was different. I don’t think that people treated me too differently because I had a beard, although I got lots of jokes about Luigi when I had the ‘stache. Lots of people were even sad that I shaved it off!


  1. That is so crazy how much you really look like a Civil War Vet! So are you more aware now? Did you think about Prostate Cancer every time you looked in the mirror? I bet it worked. I've done pink stuff for breast cancer and every time I noticed the pink...I thought about it.

  2. YOu carry it off well. YOu don't even look like a sex offender (eyes are too innocent). I am all for facial hair. Very manly. I especially like the civil war pics.