Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wandering to Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming

On Wednesday Brooke and I decided that we needed a little adventure. Trying to think of something fun to do, I suggested that we take a drive and see how far we could go in a couple of hours. Thinking about it more we ended up deciding to take a drive up the canyon to Wyoming!

Salt Lake to Evanston

It was a beautiful trip. The mountains were so green and the sky was so blue! We really enjoyed ourselves in the quaint town of Evanston.

Evanston WyomingAdmiring the ReflectionPrairie Dog!

Once we had arrived we found a fun visitors center that had a ton of little Prairie Dogs, some Elk, an old wagon and a “Welcome to Wyoming” sign.

Pionner WagonWyoming Elk

(We had a bit of an adventure when the sprinklers turned on while we were taking a picture!)

Wyoming Water Sprinklers

Before coming home we stopped at an AWESOME little ice-cream parlor called “The Scoop

The Scoop Evanston Wyoming

Brooke got Rocky Road and I got Pecan. It was great fun.

The Scoop Evanston


  1. That was a fun little adventure! Hey, you cropped yourself out of the photo of you pointing at the map...! Why'd you do such a thing?! It was so cute!

  2. What fun! I love all the great photos you took of all the discoveries you made. Looks like it ended on a yummy note too! I bet the sprinkler thing was funny! Thanks for you guys!

  3. Ha! I loved that sprinkler picture. Just my kind of luck. I'm glad you guys are adventurous. Do you need to come down here for some more?