Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday, after work, we went to Millcreek Canyon to make a campfire and eat dinner.  Taylor packed up several small potatoes and a can of baked beans.  He built his “one-match fire” and then he set the potatoes [wrapped in aluminum foil] into the fire to bake.  Then we put the baked beans in a saucepan and we set it on a large piece of wood in the fire pit to warm up.  The food was absolutely delicious!!

IMG_3942  IMG_3950
IMG_3958  IMG_3959 
IMG_3956  IMG_3970 

We listened to birds chirping, the water flowing in the nearby river, and the fire crackling.  It was fun to attempt taking photos of the fire as the light faded! 

We really enjoyed spending some time out in fresh air, with beautiful views, and in solitude.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Delightful Day of Independence

On Independence Day, we went on a fun little hike with Alexis and Michael.  We hiked around Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon and up a different trail for a while.  There was still snow on parts of the trail.  Taylor thought it was quite fun that he got to hike in snow on the 4th of July!  I took my field guide to trees that Taylor gave to me last Christmas and I really enjoyed identifying some trees!  After our hike, we went to a picnic area, made a fire, and ate delicious "hobo dinners" that Taylor had prepared and some corn on the cob.  We also made s'mores!  While we were there at the picnic area, it rained a bit, so that was fun!!  The rain smelled so good.  I love rain!!!
Taylor and snow  Alexis and snow
Michael and Alexis  Taylor and Brooke
Silver Lake Utah
hobo dinner  Taylor dining
Alexis and a s'more  slightly burnt marshmallow
After we left Big Cottonwood Canyon, we went to our apartment and played a game of Puerto Rico [board game].  It was lots of fun!!  I lost though.  Taylor won.  Alexis and Michael left a little while after that and Taylor and I left to go to a soccer game!  Real Salt Lake played against New England Revolution.  They tied 3-3!  They had a small fireworks display after the game which was fun.
Real Salt Lake vs. New England Revolution
We had a wonderful day!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rushing River

Last Saturday, we went to the Lake Blanche Trailhead again and walked around an area by the Big Cottonwood River that we didn’t go to before.  The river was flowing so quickly and the water is much higher than usual.  The sound of the rushing water was quite loud too!  I took a movie clip of the river because it was so crazy!  We also enjoyed all the beautiful wildflowers that were everywhere.  We had a very nice little walk.  There was a lot of very green foliage.  It was so pretty!
Big Cottonwood River  Taylor at Big Cottonwood RiverBig Cottonwood River  Brooke at Big Cottonwood River  Trees and MountainBig Cottonwood RiverWildflowersFoliageTrail