Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Delightful Day of Independence

On Independence Day, we went on a fun little hike with Alexis and Michael.  We hiked around Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon and up a different trail for a while.  There was still snow on parts of the trail.  Taylor thought it was quite fun that he got to hike in snow on the 4th of July!  I took my field guide to trees that Taylor gave to me last Christmas and I really enjoyed identifying some trees!  After our hike, we went to a picnic area, made a fire, and ate delicious "hobo dinners" that Taylor had prepared and some corn on the cob.  We also made s'mores!  While we were there at the picnic area, it rained a bit, so that was fun!!  The rain smelled so good.  I love rain!!!
Taylor and snow  Alexis and snow
Michael and Alexis  Taylor and Brooke
Silver Lake Utah
hobo dinner  Taylor dining
Alexis and a s'more  slightly burnt marshmallow
After we left Big Cottonwood Canyon, we went to our apartment and played a game of Puerto Rico [board game].  It was lots of fun!!  I lost though.  Taylor won.  Alexis and Michael left a little while after that and Taylor and I left to go to a soccer game!  Real Salt Lake played against New England Revolution.  They tied 3-3!  They had a small fireworks display after the game which was fun.
Real Salt Lake vs. New England Revolution
We had a wonderful day!!

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