Sunday, August 14, 2011

Awesome Anniversary

On August 11th, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary!  We had been intending on going camping for a couple of days out in the backcountry in the Wasatch Mountains.  However, we were still recovering from a poison ivy incident which had left our legs itchy, red, and swollen… so we ended up just camping one night at a developed campground.  We both were able to get the 11th and 12th off from work so that we could go.  We left in the afternoon on the 11th for Hope Campground which is not too far from the mouth of Provo Canyon.  There were lots of pretty trees and wildflowers!

view from Hope Campground near Provo Canyon in Utah
pretty stone at Hope Campground in Utah
We had fun setting up the tent, building a fire, and making dinner.  Taylor enjoyed reading the current issue of National Geographic and I enjoyed knitting for a while.  Our campsite was so cool!  I wish I could just live at a campsite.  That would be so awesome!  Taylor decided that it might be nice to have electricity sometimes though, which is true.  It would be nice to have easily accessible, hot, running water as well.  So I decided that it would be extremely awesome to live in an old log cabin out in the middle of a forest instead!

Taylor reading National Geographic at Hope Campground
bundle of firewood at Hope Campground in Utah
The moon was almost full, so it was a really bright night.  I love moonlight!  It is so beautiful.  We didn’t take any padding with us to sleep on.  So we put a blanket on the floor of the tiny tent and used that as padding.  Taylor said his shoulders were a little sore from sleeping on a slightly hard ground but I slept remarkably well!  Maybe my sleeping bag is fluffier and provided me with more cushioning.  I really liked the view of the moon through my mesh window in the tent and the fresh air.  The weather was ideal too!  I was kind of worried it might get pretty cold during the night, but it was just perfectly and refreshingly cool!

tent site at Hope Campground
view of the moon at Hope Campground near Provo Canyon in Utah campfire at Hope Campground Utah
In the morning, we drank some delicious lemon ginger tea.  Taylor also ate a large bowl of oatmeal and I ate a poppyseed muffin.  We also saw some very beautiful animals!!  We saw a deer walking around among some trees.  It was adorable.  We also saw some wild turkeys [one big turkey and two little ones]!!  I don’t think I had ever seen wild turkeys before.  They were so amazing!!  The big one was ginormous!  We also saw several squirrels!  They are always cute and fun to watch.  There were lots of gorgeous butterflies and other insects fluttering and buzzing through too.  The campground had lots of maple trees which looked very pretty in the morning sunshine!  There were lots of mint plants too!  Taylor ate some of the mint leaves and I used some of the mint leaves as perfume since they smell so good.

treen in the morning at Hope Campground in Utah
beautiful leaves at Hope Campground
view of trees and Cascade Mountain at Hope Campground
bumblebee on mint flowers at Hope Campground in Utah 
We played some delightful games of Yahtzee [National Parks Travel Edition!] then packed up our stuff to get ready to depart from our campsite.  After we left the campground in the early afternoon, we headed up a road that looked like it might offer some interesting views.  And it did!  We stopped at a nice overlook and spotted Utah Lake, Brigham Young University, the Provo Temple, the Missionary Training Center, and many other neat things!

view of Utah Lake and Utah Valley and mountains
mountains near Provo Canyon in Utah 
We had a lovely anniversary celebration out enjoying nature.  I can’t believe we have already been married for four years!!  It feels like it has been only about two years or so.  Taylor is the best husband ever.  He is incredibly handsome, intelligent, generous, sweet, loving, thoughtful, etc.  I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing person!!

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