Monday, August 29, 2011

Lots of Lightning

Last night, there was an awesome thunderstorm here.  We had some spectacular views of lightning from almost every window in our apartment!  It was such a beautiful night with falling rain and blowing wind and rumbling thunder and bright lightning.  The cats enjoyed watching the natural display of amazingness from the windows for quite a while too.  Around 11pm, I went out and tried to take a bunch of photos of lightning bolts, but it was quite difficult and most of them were blurry.  Some turned out to be kind of interesting though!  It was fun to be out in the misty rain and breeze and to smell the fragrant rain-air.

lightning bolt in Salt Lake Citylightning in Salt Lake Citylightning in Salt Lake Citylightning in Salt Lake City


Here is how bright everything looked while lightning would strike.lightning flash in Salt Lake City

And here is how dark it was without lightning!darkness in Salt Lake City

It was so nice to have a refreshing thunderstorm!

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