Monday, August 8, 2011

Timpooneke Trip

Last Saturday we went down to visit Alexis and Michael after Brooke finished her weekend work shift. We had been planning to go to visit the Timpanogos Caves all week, but our schedules hadn’t worked out, so we went down to have lunch at Alexis and Michael’s house and then go up to the caves.

We last visited the caves more than three years ago! It was a nice day in May, but it rained a lot. (Brooke says that it was a nice day BECAUSE it rained a lot…) Here are some pictures from our last trip.

Brooke in the rain Taylor happy to have a hat in the rainTimapanogos cave View from Timpanogos Cave Trail

Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t able to go because he had homework to work on. So, after a nice meal of soup, salad, and sandwiches, Alexis, Brooke and I set out!

Our luck wasn’t very good though, because the tickets to go up to see the cave had sold out for the day. Instead of turning around, we decided to take a drive and see if we could find any other tempting trails.

Northeast side of TimpanogosBrooke and AlexisTaylor and Brooke

After a bit of driving we found a very cool overlook were you could see down the canyon we had just driven up and the Northeast side of Timpanogos.


Alexis contempating natureHappy Alexis in NatureWildflower! AlexisTaylor exploringBrooke and Taylor

Next we stopped at a pull-off on the way to the Timpooneke campground and the trailhead to the summit of the mountain. We found a really neat stream and so we took a break to take some more pictures.


Alexis posing on a scenic overlookAlexis and GrassBrooke and Taylor in the mountainsBlurry Alexis

After a bit more driving we arrived at the summit of the pass between Mount Timpanogos and Box Elder Peak. There was a stunning view from a scenic pullout so we took some more pictures. The air was so clear on the other side of the mountains, and the view down the valley to Heber and Midway was worth the drive.

After we left the summit we descended on a dirt road called Cascade Scenic Drive to the outskirts of Heber City. It’s such a charming little town! There was also a great view of Deer Creek Reservoir. I would love to have the opportunity to live somewhere like that someday.

The town was having a parade, so we were rerouted through a few neighborhood streets, along with all kinds of highway traffic. Eventually we made our way through the town, and then to the highway leading down Provo Canyon, and then to have dinner at Pizza Pie CafĂ© in Provo. After we had stuffed ourselves, we went to Alexis’ house and played some games until way to late at night. It was so much fun! (except the part about the drive home taking two hours because the freeway had been closed down to one lane).

So, I guess that the caves will have to wait until another day. Anybody want to come with us when we go?

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