Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wilderness Weekend

We went camping in Big Cottonwood Canyon last Friday!  We decided to finally go off-trail and camp in the backcountry.  We were both very excited all day on Friday to get going.  We got home, ate dinner, checked our pre-packed backpacks one last time, and drove up to the Lake Blanche Trailhead.  We hiked up a short distance, then veered off the trail into a deer fort.  From there, we ventured uphill a bit through the brush and into the treeline.  Eventually, we found a nice, relatively level spot to pitch our tent.  We put up the tent, tied a backpack [with the food] up in a tree to keep from having any possible problems with bears, and soon discovered that the light was growing dim and it was time to go to bed.  It was only after we got into the tent that we realized that the seemingly small incline was actually going to be a large inconvenience since we both promptly slid to one side of the tent.  I slept on the uphill side of the tent and woke up quite a few times during the night to Taylor pushing me back to my half of the tent because I would slide down and squish him against the tent wall.  It was still really fun though.  In the middle of the night, I woke up and heard some soft footsteps and twigs breaking with each step very close by!  I’m pretty sure it was a deer.  I looked out one of the mesh windows in the tent but I didn’t see anything.  We woke up in the morning still kind of tired, so we decided not to go hiking up to Lake Blanche and instead went home to relax and drink some warm tea.Taylor backpacking in Big Cottonwood Canyon sunrise in Big Cottonwood Canyon

On Monday, we were considering heading down to Alexis & Michael’s place early in the morning to go with them on their quest to climb the mountain to the east of their house.  However, we got off to a late start and ended going on our own hike in Millcreek Canyon.  We hiked up Bowman Fork Trail and went much further than we had the last couple times.  We hiked high enough so that we could see the Great Salt Lake.  It was much easier without a lot of snow on the trail!  It was so pretty!  There was so much vegetation everywhere!  The fresh air was so fragrant!  I love Millcreek Canyon!Utah ForestBowman Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyonstream in Millcreek Canyon Utahvegetation in Millcreek Canyon Utahtree ringsTaylor enjoying the beautiful mountain viewBrooke enjoying the beautiful mountain viewthe Great Salt Lake from Bowman Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyonmountains in Millcreek CanyonTaylor enveloped in foliagebeautiful foliage in Millcreek CanyonTaylor admiring the  Douglas Firs in Millcreek Canyon
After the hike, we went to Taylor’s parents’ house for a Labor Day barbeque.  Taylor’s cousins and Grandparents were there too.  Alexis and Michael went later as well!  It was fun!

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