Thursday, November 10, 2011

Month of October

We had a fun October.  We went on a hike to a beautiful lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon, but either Taylor or I will write more about that later [hopefully].  Besides that, here are some other things that we did in October!

We have been knitting a lot!  Taylor also taught himself how to crochet and is awesome at it!  Now he wants to crochet an afghan.  I finally finished a sweater for Alexis that I started in the summer.  I gave it to her and she loves it!

knitted sweater

I started a new job on October 3rd!  I am a sewer at Beehive Clothing!  I really like it so far.  I do “Beehive Team Sewing” which means I work in a “cluster” with 3 other people.  There are 10 sewing machines [7 different varieties] in my “cluster” and they are all on tables that have adjustable height and we sew standing up.  The first few days were spent just learning how to THREAD the machines.  But now I’m pretty good at sewing on each machine.  Someday, I’ll be really fast at it too!  Since I’m standing for 8 hours a day now, my feet, legs, back, etc. are always so tired!!  Taylor is so nice and often gives me good massages.  At first, my feet were killing me, so we went and purchased some nice, comfortable shoes and they have proved to be very beneficial.  We wondered if a cat might like the empty shoebox at home.  Helen found it and enjoyed it immensely!

cat in a shoebox

Oh and we frequently get to view spectacular sunsets from our windows, of course.

Salt Lake City Utah sunset

Helen is such a silly cat.  She likes to sit in funny positions and/or in funny spots.  She recently discovered our coat hanger.  She thinks it is so awesome to sit up there.  At first, she was really cautious and careful when venturing up there, but now she runs and jumps up there confidently.  She likes to sit there to look out the window.

funny cat on a coat hanger

The same evening that she discovered the coat hanger, she decided that hanging out halfway on the TV and halfway on the stairs would be cool and comfy.  It looked so funny!  She got herself all cozy as if she were planning on staying there for a while.  She left though, because I annoyed her by taking photos.

Helen being cool

We went to an MLS Playoff game!  It was a Western Conference Semifinal.  Real Salt Lake played against Seattle Sounders FC.  RSL beat the Sounders with a score of 3-0!  I was kind of sad… I like the Seattle Sounders [not as much as the Portland Timbers though!] and wanted them to win.  However, Taylor was ecstatic that RSL won!  He was so hoping that they would!happy Taylor

So, that’s what we have been up to lately!  We’ll have to write about the hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon soon.  We also went on a short hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon last week and enjoyed some snowiness so maybe we’ll have to write about that eventually as well!

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