Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas and Crater Lake

We spent Christmas with my parents!  We had so much fun.  We took an Amtrak train to Reno, Nevada.  We left Salt Lake City late at night on the 22nd of December then arrived in Reno a little after 11am the next day.  The train was supposed to get to Reno at 8:30am but it was quite delayed with holiday travelers.  We mostly just slept on the way.  My mom and dad went to Reno to pick us up!  That was so nice of them!  It cost us less than $60 each to take the train to Reno!!  On the way to my parents’ house, we stopped at an awesome little shop in Alturas and got a bunch of AWESOME yarn!!  I knitted some wrist warmers for my mom and for myself with some of the yarn. 

The next day, (Christmas Eve), Mom did lots of preparing for Christmas dinner while Dad, Taylor, and I did some shopping in Klamath Falls.  Taylor bought lots of yarn in mountain colors and a size N crochet hook at Fred Meyer so that he could begin his first afghan (he finished it in three days – it is gorgeous!).  That evening, we watched "A Christmas Story” and ate pizza that we got at Papa Murphy’s while we were in Klamath Falls.  Then we opened presents!!  We got lots of awesome stuff!  On Christmas day, we went to church and then finished getting ready for dinner.  The Larsen family and the Perez family came over for dinner as well.  We had tons of fun!!

On Monday, the day after Christmas, we went to Crater Lake National Park!!  I seriously love that place.  It is just so beautiful!  Always!!!  We walked around and enjoyed the beauty there for quite a while.  The colors everywhere were so amazing and very wintry!  There wasn’t nearly as much snow as usual for this time of year, so we didn’t even need snowshoes!

Dad, Mom, and Brooke at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Beautiful Crater Lake!

Beautiful trees at Crater Lake!

Beautiful Taylor at Crater Lake!

Beautiful trees at Crater Lake!

Beautiful Crater Lake!

Beautiful clouds, mountains, snow, and silhouettes of trees at Crater Lake!

Brooke and Mom at Crater Lake!

So that’s some of what we did during our first four days with my parents!  I will write more about the rest of the trip later!

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