Monday, March 12, 2012

Taylor’s Talent

Taylor is so amazingly talented!!  He crocheted a beautiful afghan and matching pillow as a gift for his sister Taci.  Her birthday is today!!  She’s 25 now.  Taylor thought of an idea for the color scheme and then chose all the colors and designed the afghan and pillow totally on his own!  He didn’t even look at a pattern or anything!  He’s so good at creating all kinds of things that just come to his mind.  He even knitted/crocheted an awesome little “bottle cozy” for sparkling pear juice.  It was for Valentine’s Day.  One side of the “bottle cozy” is a crocheted granny square in pink, maroon, and white while the other side is knitted in pink with an intarsia maroon heart.  Then he crocheted a maroon border on the top part.  It’s awesome!  I would have never been able to think of something like that and decide to just make it.

Here are some pictures of the afghan and pillow.  The pillow is made of different sizes of granny squares and each side is different.afghan and pillow in neutral colors

granny square pillow

granny square pillow

Taylor displaying his work of art

Taylor displaying his work of art


Here is the bottle cozy!  Isn’t it so cool?!  He made up the pattern himself!

crocheted and knitted bottle cozy crocheted and knitted bottle cozy

Taylor is simply an awesome human being who is good at everything!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Exploring Elbow Fork

Last Saturday was a perfect day for snowshoeing, so we went to Millcreek Canyon!  It was so beautiful!  We went up Elbow Fork Trail for a while.  The snow was so nice and fluffy!  The weather was wonderful as well – not too cold, partly cloudy, and a very light breeze!  The trees were shedding snow quite frequently and almost got the snow to land on us a few times!  It was cute.  I imagined that they were waving hello to us and then the act of them waving to us made the snow fall off of their branches.  There were birds chirping as if it were a spring day too!  There were sooo many cars in parking areas on our way to the trailhead, but we hardly saw anyone!!

Taylor snowshoeing on Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon Utah

beautiful trees and snow at Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon

pine needles

Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon Utah

trees on Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon Utah

trees on Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon Utah

snow-covered log on Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon Utah

snow falling off of a tree branch on Elbow Fork Trail in Millcreek Canyon Utah

We also went snowshoeing a little bit in the Provo Canyon with Alexis and Michael in January.  There wasn’t much snow though.  The small amount of snow on the ground there was extremely packed down and icy.  It was also a frigid day!  We had fun enjoying some time there anyway.

river in Provo Canyon Utah

moon and trees

Now I want to go snowshoeing again soon!  It’s fun.