Friday, August 3, 2012

Cape Disappointment

Last week, we went on an awesome trip to the Oregon coast!  We had so much fun.  We started at the very most southwest corner of Washington to go to Cape Disappointment.  Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition reached Cape Disappointment after trekking about 3,000 miles!  We walked along a beach area and saw lots of seagulls, dead crabs, and pretty ocean waves.

We walked up to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse too. It is the oldest lighthouse still in use on the West Coast! It was built in 1856 to help prevent shipwrecks on the Columbia River bar.

There were also some really interesting ruins of Battery Harvey Allen, a bunker that housed three gun emplacements. The battery was built at Fort Canby in 1904-1905 then was transferred to the Army in 1906.

beach at Cape Disappointmentseagull on a beach at Cape Disappointment seagull tracks in the sand on a beach at Cape Disappointmentbeach at Cape Disappointmentbeach at Cape DisappointmentTaylor on the trail to Cape Disappointment LighthouseCape Disappointment Lighthouseview from Cape Disappointment LighthouseCape Disappointment LighthouseCape Disappointment LighthouseBattery Harvey Allen

After we left Cape Disappointment State Park, we drove through Astoria and Warrenton, then went on to visit Fort Clatsop National Memorial, Ecola State Park, and Tolovana Beach that day.  We’ll have to write about those later!

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