Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jed the Ornithologist

Jed is always looking out the window to observe birds!  He gets so excited when he sees them!  He also loves to have us read picture books to him that are about birds.  We often have some starlings, a dove, and a magpie in our front yard.  A few weeks ago, Taylor got some suet to encourage birds to be in Jed's view.  The birds finished the entire thing just a few days ago!  I guess we need to get some more food for them.  Jed knows some ASL signs and "bird" is one of the signs he uses the most.  Other signs he knows are:  milk, food/eat, drink, water, more, all done, bath, cookie, candy, cat, dog, fish, hat, diaper, and book.  It's so nice that he can tell us what he wants!  It's also adorable to see him sign things!
Anyway, since Jed loves birds so much, we decided to go to Tracy Aviary yesterday!  He had a blast! He was constantly signing "bird" and enjoyed being able to see such a large variety of birds!  He also loved listening to the different sounds different birds would make.  We might have an aviary birthday party in  December for Jed's 2nd birthday if he still loves birds as as much as he does now.  I'm also thinking that Jed needs some pet birds!